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The Light Sparkler

I have been on a spiritual growth journey for quite a few years, attending many and varied spiritual and personal growth courses, learning and expanding my connection with my angels as I went.


One of the courses that had a large impact on my spiritual growth was an Inspirational and Automatic writing course at the College of Psychic Studies in London. As a consequence, my spiritual growth and connection went to a whole new level and I began flowing messages from my angels, both for my own personal growth and also for guidance for others.


The results were the creation of my delightful Sparkle with Joy angel cards, each card being created with guidance from my angels. They were intuitively designed and beautifully illustrated by Annette Hoare of

These cards have been designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom, find guidance and inspiration and connect with your higher self.


Each card holds the magic to release joy into your heart and features a powerful and inspiring message and a beautiful image, with further guidance on the back of each card. You can use them daily when you seek a reminder of the gorgeousness that is you, or when you require clarity on your journey.


These boutique sets of cards were lovingly created, designed and printed in Australia and can be purchased for $45 a pack plus p/h. 

Sparkle with Joy Angel Cards


If you would like to purchase the Sparkle with Joy angel cards, please enter your details below and I will be in touch with payment details.

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