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Soul Wisdom in Challenging Times 

Today is a new day, a new beginning. However when life can be challenging, remember to go within for the answers you seek. Set aside some quiet time to reach into your inner wisdom and to connect with your heart and soul.


Life is a journey, a journey your soul has chosen to do. Along the way there will be speed humps, which are often the times when the most growth and learning occurs. There are lessons to be learnt and life provides these. Look for the nuggets and opportunities in any situation for this will give you power and remove any victim consciousness. In any given moment you have the ability to choose how your react and to choose your thoughts. This is a powerful human trait, which can turn a challenging time into a growth lesson. When you view these challenges as growth opportunities, you will not only feel empowered but grateful for the growth your soul seeks.


Please know at all times you are supported and loved by your angels, your guides and your whole divine team. You are not alone! And remember today is a new day, a new opportunity to view life in an empowering way to bring you and your soul the joy and contentment you seek.


Trusting the Process

Trust dear one, trust the process, trust the guidance and trust you are a light worker here to shine light on Planet Earth. When you shine, light and joy is available for others.


Your authentic self

This is a joyous journey you are about to embark on. Stay true to your authentic self as you experience this journey, for your authentic self is soul and heart-led. 


Balance is the key

Balance is the key, especially when it comes to other commitments. Your number one priority is your health and wellbeing and all that is important to you. Keep this in the front of your mind in all decisions and actions. 

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