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Hope in uncertain times

Dear Beloved,


It is so lovely to be with you today. The sun is shining and all is well.


Today we bring messages of hope. In times of uncertainty, hope can sometimes seem unattainable, however there is always hope in any situation. This is a fundamental component of the human condition, which is part of the spiritual gifts everyone is given.


To tap into hope, one need only look at the buds on a rose bush, the birds singing in a tree and flowers blooming in all seasons, there is hope and growth all around.


We understand uncertainty and changes can affect ones hope. But fear not, as these feelings of uncertainty will pass as one learns to accept change. The only certainties in life are the connection to spirit and the blessings one receives on a daily basis. It is with love we remind you that you are loved beyond measure and are supported and guided. One only needs to open one’s heart to this and receive. We are aware uncertainty can close off this connection, which is why your daily connection to spirit is vital, as well as being in nature and being calm and relaxed. You are doing so well on this your life’s journey. We acknowledge your growth and your achievements. Even though it is worthwhile to periodically acknowledge your achievements, the key to remember is you are constantly moving forward, even it may not seem it at the time. Even resting is moving you forward as your body needs rest to recover and restore.


Focus on your perceived achievements rather than what you haven’t done as this will uplift your spirits. As always today is perfect for you to receive these messages. For your own well-being and growth, take the time to connect and grow, for this will bring you joy and a feeling of contentment.


You are a Light Worker known as the Light Sparkler and when you step into this and learn and grow, the heavens and your soul sing and your heart expands with joy. Beloved, please know when your heart expands the world is better for it.


As always it has been a delight to connect and share wisdom with you and others. Use this gift dear one as it will expand your heart and soul. And yes use it on your website and other platforms. The heavens wish for many Lightworkers to share their gifts to raise the vibration of planet Earth. A new world is dawning and the heavens are rejoicing.


Blessing to you dear one.

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