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Heart-centred communication

Today’s topic is communication. One needs communication to survive planet Earth. Communication comes in various forms and is received in different ways depending on the filters one has. The ultimate goal is to only listen from the filter of love. When one is connected to love, to source, communication is freely available at the highest level.


The way to raise one’s levels of communication is as mentioned to connect with source regularly. This can be done in many ways such as prayer, meditation, walking in nature, singing, chanting, having one’s heart open, being grateful and being of service. The benefit of doing this is filters such as suffering, guilt, blame and being judgmental start to fall away. What is left is love, kindness, compassion and heart-centred connectedness. When one communicates from this space, other people’s hearts soften and the world moves towards peace and harmony.


We invite you to start observing your communication to see if it is coming from the space of love and compassion. This does not mean you give in and let others dominate, but instead, you stand strong in that space of love and compassion. When you do this you will see results than benefit all.


Communication that is heart-centred fills the planet with energy that is uplifting, which in turns benefits all. Go forth today feeling joy and the warmth of a full heart.

Image by freestocks
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