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My past came up to bite me

Most days using my body pendulum for yes/no answers, I ask my guides and angels to guide me to a card for my highest good from one of the card decks I own. Recently I was guided to choose from Rebecca Campbell’s - Work your Light Oracle cards, the card –

“Share your Voice” – Come out of the cave. Persecution. Expression.

This card was confirmation I am being called to share my voice through writing or some other form of creative expression.

Recently I was sharing the contents of my card with my spiritual coach. I said to her, “This is great confirmation, but I don’t think the Persecution aspect applies to me”. In her wisdom she replied, “The word or phrase that sticks out, is often where the most growth can occur. Persecution can mean there are negative messages in your field in relation to the voice which can block or limit your full potential”…

Immediately I was back in high school in form 1 (year 7). I was chatting with a friend at the back of the class when suddenly the teacher yelled at me, “Be quiet. I do not want to hear your annoying high pitched voice again!” Her cruel words hit me and I burst into tears and ran out of the classroom. The wound was deep and I felt personally attacked. Unknowingly I’ve carried this in my consciousness for many years.

My spiritual coach reminded me her forgiveness practice is a way I could release this deep pain and move on. And so I began doing the forgiveness practice with my teacher’s soul, forgiving her and asking for her forgiveness. Each time I did the practice, my pain lessened and so did the emotional charge.

And so here I am feeling more empowered about sharing my voice. As Rebecca Campbell’s card states, as I speak up, rise up and share I make it easier for the next person to do so. Who can you forgive to allow yourself to rise up?

Love Sue


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