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Take baby steps

I am very blessed to have grandchildren I adore, and as I watch them begin their lives, I’m fascinated to see the amazing progress they make in the first year of their life. They go from being a newborn baby to rolling, crawling, standing on their own feet, saying a few words, eating solid food and for some even walking on their own before the age of one.

We can learn a lot from babies and their amazing growth. They literally take baby steps and they have an innate drive and trust they will be supported along the way. They feel fear at times, but they keep trying until they succeed. They even fall over quite a bit, but they get up again and have another go. They push on taking baby steps until eventually they are standing, and then tentatively walking on their own and then even running!

With each baby step there is so much joy from their parents and extended family clapping and laughing to encourage them. When baby reaches a milestone there is lots of whooping and celebration, not to mention heaps of photos. Of course baby loves all this and the joy and happiness s/he expresses melts your heart.

We all came into this world as babies with an innate desire to grow, learn and trust. We all took baby steps to achieve amazing milestones in the first few years of our life. That process is ingrained in us and we can access it to move forward with any of our heart-filled passions and desires. We don’t even have to know exactly what the end result might look like or how we will get there, all we need to do is to trust our own innate wisdom, trust our intuition will drive us forward and to trust our angels and guides will support and guide us.

I have achieved amazing projects my heart and soul desired, by taking baby steps and trusting. Often I have not known in the beginning how I will achieve a project, but I have taken baby steps to move forward, while listening to my heart and asking for and trusting the support and guidance from my guides and angels. I trust I will be divinely guided and the Universe will provide in divine timing. My journey of growth and the results I’ve achieved when I have taken baby steps and trusted, have filled my heart with such joy and bliss. Your angels and guides will sing with joy when you trust and take baby steps towards the pathway your heart and soul desires.

Love Sue


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